Sunday, November 4, 2012

Home Organization 101: Week 6 - Master Bedroom

We have a pretty small master bedroom. Technically, the master bedroom of the house is what is now the office/guest room but since it is farthest from the other two bedrooms (and, specifically, the soon-to-be-nursery) we decided to use one of the "regular" bedrooms for us.

Unfortunately that means having a pretty cramped space. We have a large dresser for our "drawer" items and a small dresser for my husband's uniform items (plus all of the clothes in the closet!) So, between 2 dressers, a bed, and a pack 'n' play co-sleeper that we recently moved in there for the baby's arrival, it is a TIGHT space!

So I had to really plan to get any storage at all in there:

Not much could really be done in this corner. I have to have the co-sleeper next to my side of the bed. We did, however, put bed risers on the bed to create more storage underneath and to make it easier for me to reach to baby in the co-sleeper without moving too much (in case I have another c-section).

I moved the small dresser and laundry basket to another wall.

Here, I moved the large dresser into the closet and moved most of my shoes to the back of the door (since it stays open most of the time, they are unseen usually).

Again, not much to show here. But I moved the large dresser into the closet.

Having the large dresser in the closet definitely makes the room feel MUCH larger. It is a major improvement. And - after a few months, when the baby sleeps through the night - we can move her to her own room and take the co-sleeper out so we will have even more room in there.

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