Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playing Sure is a Workout!!

Every weekday N and I wake up and go to the gym at 6. I feel bad getting him out of bed that early, but orders are orders...

And he actually loves it. (Once he wakes up enough.)

It is actually a really neat set up. They have a whole separate room called the "Family Room" and roughly the front third of the room is sectioned off by a baby gate and it is an area that has toys and books and a TV/DVD player and big mats and climbing blocks to play on. And the rest of the room has the exercise equipment and it all faces the play area so I can keep an eye on him while I work out and he gets play time, too.

Today he was extra energetic so I thought I would get some pictures. They aren't great quality because they were taken from my phone so apologies for that.

Building... something. ha ha

Crawling through the tunnel

Can't forget his bear :)

Entering his "fort"

Examining a toy

They are having a conversation :)

Resting after all of that hard work

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