Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home Organization 101: Week 8 - The Dining Room

It will just be a quick post this week. There wasn't a whole lot to do for this challenge. We don't have a dining room. We use our eat in kitchen. We technically have a place for a more formal dining room, but because of it's placement and the fact that it has carpet we choose to use it as a sitting room/playing room and an extension of the living room.

For that reason, I decided to combine the two spots for this week's challenge. I did both the table area and this sitting room. What do ya think?

For the table area, all I did was move my son's little table and center the big table on the window. He preferred to eat at the big table with us and only used the little one for puzzles and legos and the like, so I moved it out.

In the after picture here you can see where I put his little table. All I really did in this room was to move the couch to take up less room and to make room for his table and chairs and his cozy coupe. I let him play with that inside, so it stays here in the play area.

And that's it. Pretty basic. There wasn't much in either of these rooms, which means there really wasn't much to organize. 

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