Monday, November 5, 2012

Planner Printables: Budget

I figured out the budget system that works best for me is to fill out a new one with every paycheck (twice a month) rather than having a running budget. I usually do it a day or two before payday and I just insert our income at the top, then in each column I fill it out exactly as it says. The name of the bill that is due, what I expect to pay, what we actually had to pay and what the balance is that is left (if it is a credit card, etc)

To download and edit this document (in Microsoft Powerpoint) CLICK HERE. **NOTE: You may have to download the (free!) fonts I used in order to get it to look exactly like mine. I used "KG Strawberry Limeade" found HERE and "Beautiful Every Time" found HERE**

Please -- Let me know if you have any problems either downloading/editing the documents or downloading the fonts and I will try to help solve the issue the best that I can!

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