Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Week in Pictures: Jan 20-26

January 20 - We went to The Bee's Knees downtown with some friends and I had Tapas for the first time.

January 21 - N proudly holding S while we Skyped Grandma and Grandpa B. :)

January 22 - He fell asleep laying on his floor instead of in his bed. 

January 23 - It was really nice out so we went outside to play (N has been wearing his cape almost everyday). Then later S had some Tummy Time and N insisted that she wear his Pirate hat ("Pie-ette").

January 24 - N had a dentist appointment and did really well. The dentist said he has no cavities and his teeth look good! He got a race car as his prize and carried it everywhere for the rest of the day - including to our "lunch date" at BWW.

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