Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lucky 21

"Sisters" is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. ~Margaret Mead

I tell ya... that quote couldn't be more true when it comes to my sister and I. We have grown closer in recent years, but it wasn't always that way. You see, she was always really good at school. REALLY good. Like, skip-two-grades good. That means that instead of being two grades behind me she was suddenly in the same grade. This was hard on me. In hind sight, it shouldn't have been. I can clearly see that as an adult. But at the time it was. I suddenly felt like I wasn't smart enough. I mean... not only was she in the same grade as me... but she was doing better at it than I was! And, because I took it so hard, I always competed. I think that drove a wedge between us when we were younger. And I regret that.

But I am lucky enough to be able to be close to her now. I grew up, as people are apt to do. And I was able to move past the fact that she was smarter than I am at school - yes... we all have our strengths. One of hers was school. I am ok with that. No - I am proud of that.

But, back to present day... Today is her 21st birthday. She is getting married in 2 short months. She is studying to be a teacher. She is working to put herself through school. Life is hard, yes. Sometimes she stretches herself too thin with work and school and family, yes. But she knows that the hard work she puts in now will be worth it in the end. And I hope that she gets what she wants out of life (whatever that may be) and I wish nothing but happiness and success for her and her soon-to-be husband and I am so glad that she allows me to be part of it and I am glad that - even though her time is hard to juggle - she still makes time for her family.

Here we are a few years ago

She is so beautiful 

With me on my wedding day

I love you and Happy Birthday
(I wish I could be there)

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