Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Walk in the Park

We like to do at least one "outside activity" a week as a family. (N and I usually do more than that, but it's hard to include Evan since he works late sometimes.)

This time we decided to go to a park right near our house that we hadn't gone to yet. It's called Patriot's Park and it is more of a sports park than anything else. It has baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, and even a gym (maybe I'll look at taking some classes there?) Anyway... they also have a playground there, so we decided to drive over there and check it out. As it turned out, it was really nice. We got there and took a long walk around then sat and watched N play on the playground until the sun set.

He was pretending he was stuck on that side of the gate... even though there was no fence on either side :)

He was yelling "Git me! Git me!" as he ran ahead of us.

Showing dad the baseball field

Follow the Leader

Going down the slide

He was showing off for some little girls just out of frame... That's who he's looking at.

The sun was setting and it was our cue to leave.

Look at how he looks up at his dad... He adores him so much! His hero...

I would definitely like to go there again and wish we were able to have E go with us more often. N just LOVES his dad and he makes everything more fun! I just love days like this.

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