Monday, October 22, 2012

Home Organization 101: Week 2 - The Garage

So, last time I posted about the Home Organization 101 Challenge, I had just completed Week 1 - The Kitchen. Next, we are onto The Garage.

Wow. The garage. This is by far the hardest part of this challenge for me. See, I started cleaning out the house way back in the beginning of my pregnancy, during my first nesting phase, when I was setting up the nursery. I have been using my garage as my "Donation Station" since then. There was so much... stuff... out there that we couldn't even fit one car, let alone two like it was designed for!

So I have been dreading this week since I first read the schedule. I even considered skipping it and coming back to it, but I didn't want to start down that road. I was afraid I'd end up skipping all of the hard weeks. Then the baby would be born and I would just come up with excuse after excuse and it would never get done!!

So... needless to say, I made it through and am so happy that I did!

Here is the garage. All ready for a car and everything. :)

Once I donate all of the stuff on the shelves (and in front of them) to the left of the picture, we will even have room for both cars in there! I figured that I will wait until I'm done with all of the rooms in the challenge then make one big trip.

Here you can see all of my donation stuff in front of the tool cabinet... which resulted in us just throwing all of our tools on top of that instead of where they go...

And in the "After" picture, can you see the crib parts leaning against the wall near the water heater? I have big plans for those puppies. You'll see more about them when I do the "Playroom" Week and the "Entryway" Week.

In this picture, on display for all, is my large accumulation of cardboard boxes. I have a very bad habit of keeping them "just in case". I don't know why cardboard boxes. It's just kind of my thing. So they were the first to be purged! 

This TV Stand is another donation item. I just moved it over so it wasn't in the direct middle of the garage. Same with the garbage can.

And here is the last corner of the garage. Quite and improvement, right? I am using these shelves for my staging area for the donation items. 

Here is the tool cabinet. As you can see, we had just been piling everything on top. The drawers and cabinets underneath were almost completely empty. So I cleaned them all out and organized it. Now there is actually room on the top for working on things.

There you have it. The garage. I am so happy I got that part done!! It really energizes me for the next project: The Pantry. It should be much easier than the garage!!

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  1. Wow that must have taken a long time to do...and it certainly has paid off. I love the fact that you are donating lots of things that you no longer have need of.

    1. Thanks! At first I thought about having a garage sale, but then I thought... well that would be more work for me AND it would probably be of more help to people by donating it... It's a win-win! :)

  2. Great job, Miranda! I, too, love to take before and after photos. It helps me see that the hard work is paying off and it keeps me motivated as well. I'm guessing this is a two-car garage, right? If I'm correct, there would be more space for some tools and not just your cars. How did the other challenge go? I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Roxie Magnus

    1. Thank you Roxie! I'm afraid I didn't get to finish before the baby came, but I am (finally!) ready to get started again and will see how it goes! haha. As for the garage, I am thinking about putting shelves either in the middle or along the walls (or both?) and I think I'll still be able to get 2 cars in there. I will have to play it by ear I guess!