Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home Organization 101: Week 7 - Linen Closets

Ok. My linen closets aren't so much "linen" closets as they are just my bathroom closets. See, I keep my extra linens under the bed in each room. So, when I saw this week, I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to clean out the bathroom closets. They weren't too bad, but could definitely be better. So I set to work.

It only took me about an hour to get both done. But I just love seeing them organized! And I've found a bonus to this challenge (as if having a cleaner house weren't enough...) I've figured out that, if everything is labeled, my husband is more likely to put it back where it goes!! :)

Here is the closet in the bathroom that my husband and I mainly use. It's not too bad. The main problem was that I had a few big bins instead of a lot of smaller bins. Another problem was the pile on the floor!

So I got smaller bins and divided everything by category and got a large bin for the bulk items on the floor. I also moved the towels down to the lower shelves, since they are used most frequently.

This is the main bathroom and our son's bathroom. Again, not too much to do. I just got bins for everything on the shelves and moved the towels down a few shelves.

That's it! Not a super long post. Because, as I said, it only took me an hour total. There weren't many steps which means not many pictures either.

But I am proud never the less!

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  1. Very nice, they look wonderful and very functional! I love those bins!! I use them for everything like kids toys, crafts, products for my business, and stockpile (everything is organized by category). They're perfect and the lids make them easy to stack.