Monday, February 18, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - "Sweets & Treats"

My mother-in-law left today. She had been visiting for the long President's Day weekend. We had a BLAST while she was here. Especially N. And he was definitely sad to see her go. So, after we got home from dropping her off at the airport, I made him his very special Muffin Tin Meal and we sat and cuddled and read books. And before I present the MTM I just want to say - Don't worry! This was NOT his lunch! It was his snack. I fed him something a little more nutritious for lunch! ;)

This week's theme was Sweets & Treats so we had left over Valentine's Day treats! :)

Top Row: Gummies from his Spiderman Valentine's present
Cookies that we made with Grandma on Valentine's Day (It has a monkey and says "Let's Hang Out")
Cup of Milk - His favorite!
Bottom Row:
Fruit Snacks (and his Gummy Vitamin)
Blueberry Yogurt with Sprinkles
A piece of cake

To see more "Sweets & Treats" Muffin Tin Meals visit:

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