Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Organization 101: Week 4 - The Office (Part 1)

I am splitting this week of the Home Organization 101 Challenge into 2 parts: The Closet in my Office and the actual office. Because there is just SO much I had to do!!

Let me start off by saying that this "office" is my office, craft room, sewing room, library, guest room... It's the catch all of rooms! So, because of it's function, the closet also has to hold all of the storage for those aspects of the room. Luckily it's a big closet!

So, let's dive right in here. Take a look at the pictures. There are only a few, since it's just a closet and it's hard to get a lot of different angles:

Here is an overall picture. As you can see, we had just been throwing everything in there. I've noticed that when nothing has a "place" it looks messy so you get discouraged and just throw everything in... making it more messy! It's an endless cycle!

Here is my craft organizer that I had hanging on the back of the door. It is a great idea in theory, but hanging it on the back of the door made it so I couldn't open the door all the way and made it harder to get in there. So I down-sized to a more manageable one and hung it from the shelf. I also used one of my husbands tie racks (that he didn't need anymore) to organize my gift bags.

So there you have it: the closet in my office. In the next post I will show you the rest of the office! 

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  1. That looks awesome! I've been lacking motivation for the last few weeks and I've only been doing little projects, like one drawer every 3 days! Keep up the good work and your house will be clean and manageable just in time for the little one!