Sunday, November 4, 2012

Home Organization 101: Week 4 - The Office (Part 2)

I am (finally) posting part 2 of my office reorganization for the Home Organization 101 Challenge. It has been almost a week since I posted the first part, but I just hadn't taken the "After" photos for the room and just got around to it today.

It's not the perfect set up because, as I said before, it's my office, craft room, sewing room, guest bedroom... you name it. BUT it's a huuuge improvement. And that's the point of this challenge. Right?

So here it is. My office:

In the before picture here you can see my main desk to the left, my sewing desk to the right and a bookshelf in the corner. The bookshelf wasn't getting much use (it only held a printer and some picture frames/decorations) because of it's inconvenient location. So I decided to move it, move the desks closer together, and put things in the corner there that I could use with out needing much space: A document safe, shredder, and trash can.

Also... I am very proud of my fabric storage! Again - not ideal - and eventually I plan to make a prettier rack out of an old crib side. But I just LOVE the idea of it and it's easier to remember which fabric I have on hand.

A better look at my before and after pictures for my sewing desk. Yes - the before product is embarrassing. But maybe that will shame me into keeping it clean. ;)

I moved the small shelf from the far left bookshelf to on top of my desk and added the bookshelf from the corner next to these other two. I also moved the TV from the sewing desk to the middle bookshelf.

You can see my little "helper" watching a movie on my laptop on the bed here. :)   -- He's the whole reason the room looked so bad in the first place!!! He thinks everything in there is for him. Especially the bedding. He thinks it's his art canvas! So, because of that, I had to switch the bedding. It was just some stuff we had on hand, so the throw pillows and bed skirt are from the old set, but maybe I can find a better looking one on Black Friday?...

So there you have it. You have now officially seen the WORST room in the house! Now that the office is done, I feel good about getting the rest done before this baby comes! Especially since I've also already done the Laundry Room and the Master Bedroom (posts coming soon!). That means I have 8 weeks to finish in the 5 weeks between now and my due date... considering I did the first 6 tasks in 3 weeks, I think I can actually do this!

Stay tuned to see if I'm right! :)

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