Monday, November 5, 2012

Planner Printables: Meal Planner and Grocery List

These are how I plan our meals for the week ahead. I actually try to fill two meal plans out at a time and get all of the supplies for two weeks worth when we go shopping after each paycheck. I also add a blank grocery list to the fridge with a pen so anyone in the family can write what they need, when it comes to mind.

To download and edit these documents (in Microsoft Powerpoint) CLICK HERE for the Meal Planner and CLICK HERE for the Grocery List. **NOTE: You may have to download the (free!) fonts I used in order to get it to look exactly like mine. I used "KG Strawberry Limeade" found HERE and "Beautiful Every Time" found HERE**

Please -- Let me know if you have any problems either downloading/editing the documents or downloading the fonts and I will try to help solve the issue the best that I can!

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